Content Guidelines

This is a list of content guidelines to be followed when posting ads on getthat. Ads that do not meet these guidelines or are in clear violation of them can be deleted. These ad guidelines are in place to maintain the quality standards of getthat and are done so in accordance with UAE Law.

All ads should be:

  • placed in the correct category
  • honest and accurate
  • in agreement with the UAE Law

Adult Content

All ads and/or its respective landing pages posted on getthat need to be age appropriate. Ads should not contain any explicit or implicit references to adult activities. Ads containing nudity, adult concepts or graphic language will lead to instant rejection.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Ads cannot include the depiction of alcohol or tobacco or their consumption in any form.

Body Images

In addition to the adult content guideline, ads uploaded on getthat cannot contain sexualized images. These includes nudity (implied or explicit), unnecessary skin exposure, tactics designed to solicit a sexual response, or that draw unnecessary attention to body parts.

Brand Notification

All site users should have a clear understanding of where they will arrive by clicking on a link provided in their ad. The brand on the destination page should match the brand displayed in their ad on getthat

Promotions / Raffles / Competitions / Discount Sales

From the Department of Economic Development an approval is required for ads promoting discount sales on consumer goods. Approval is also required for raffles, lotteries and ads offering gifts or discounts to a limited number of customers.

Shock Value

Images uploaded on getthat should not be visually disturbing, gory, shocking or scary.

Spam Tactics

Tactics designed to mislead a visitor are strictly prohibited. We cannot approve ads that:

  • imitate computer functions such as system messages, progress bars, or virus warnings
  • mimic the function of other types of media, such appearing to be an embedded video
  • initiate prompts to download files or software after the click

Drug Paraphernalia

Ads uploaded on getthat cannot promote any service, product or content involving illegal drugs as per UAE Law.

Health and Medical

Ads relating to contraceptives, pharmacies, clinics, herbal medication and herbal drugs (e.g. for impotency, weight loss and the like) cannot be published without prior approval from the Ministry of Health.

Ads relating to cosmetic surgery, hair transplant and hair massage cannot be published.


An NOC is required from the Ministry of Education / Ministry of Higher Education for any private education ads. These include ads for:

  • nurseries
  • higher education institutes based in UAE
  • higher education institutes based outside of UAE with a local contact within UAE
  • schools and tuitions within UAE

Religious Advertising

No ads relating to religious activities are permitted without prior approval from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, which include ads for Hajj and Umrah.


Ads for foreign touring groups cannot be published without prior approval from the Ministry of Information.


No ads relating to charity work or donation collection can be published without prior approval from the Ministry of Awqaf - General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments

Violence & Weapons

Ads appearing on getthat cannot depict or promote violence in any way or form. Ads cannot include images of guns or firearms of any kind.

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