How to set up Salik?

If you’re thinking of driving on the UAE’s highways, you will need to setup a Salik account first.

Team getthat
August 29, 2017

With seven road tolls set up across Dubai and many more in the UAE, if you want to drive on Dubai and the UAE’s highways, you will need to set up a Salik account.

The word ‘Salik’ means ‘open’ or ‘clear’ in Arabic and the system is designed to ensure that motorists can pass seamlessly through automatic tolls, without the need to stop. It means that each time you pass a toll, 4AED is automatically deducted from your pre-paid Salik account.

How do I set up Salik?
You can set up a Salik account online by visiting, and fill in your personal details as well as information about your vehicle and registration.

Once your Salik tag is sent to you in the mail, you need to stick it to the inside of your car window, around 1cm below your rear-view mirror.

You can also fill out the paperwork for your Salik account setup at most service stations in Dubai where you will receive your Salik tag straight away.

How do I register my Salik account?
To register your Salik account, you will need your Salik tag number, your mobile phone number and your T.C. number (which you find on your vehicle registration number).

How much does Salik cost to set up?
– 50AED for your Salik tag
– 50AED for the prepaid toll balance that will be credited to your Salik account.

How do I recharge Salik?
There are three ways you can recharge your account:
1. Visiting
2. Visiting one of the numerous Salik kiosks across the country (most service stations can help with this).
3. Calling the 24-hour Salik self-service number on 800-Salik (“72545”)

salik toll gate and salik tag

What happens if I pass a Salik toll without paying?
If you’re forgetful and you pass a toll without enough credit on your account to pay, you will receive a text message informing you of the incident and the outstanding amount. You will also receive a date by which you must pay the outstanding amount. If you fail to pay by the deadline, you will be penalised. As per the Salik guidelines, if you pass through a Salik gate with insufficient funds in your account, you will receive a violation and have 5 days in which to recharge your account. Failure to do so will incur a 50AED fee.

Can I have more than one car on one Salik account?
 Yes, you can register multiple cars under the same Salik account but each car needs its own Salik tag.

What should I do with my Salik tag and account if I get a new car?
Once you pick up your shiny new car, you must remove your Salik tag from your old car and deactivate it before registering your new vehicle with a new Salik tag. Failure to do this will result in you being liable for any charges the new owner may accrue.

You can easily manage your Salik account using the Smart Salik app or via the Salik website. Setting up a Salik account in Dubai is important and easy to do!

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