Honda Civic - Review

Best for: Practicality

Peter Feely
October 11, 2017

Refreshed and full of tech, the new Honda Civic, which was released in 2016, is a considerable improvement on its predecessor. The last generation Civic was criticised for erring on the bland side of cautious when it came to styling – a failing that you can’t accuse the current model of, with its sharp angles and sporty, sweeping curves.

The same applies to the inside of the new Honda too. Soft materials are used throughout and the build quality is back to the same robust, Japanese consistency that the previous model lacked.

Highs With zippy performance, class-leading handling and build quality that’s back to Honda’s bulletproof standards, the re-worked Civic has plenty of compelling reasons for becoming your next set of wheels. In terms of engines, the perky 1.5 litre turbo is the pick of the stable, delivering smoothness and power in equal spades as well as excellent fuel efficiency.

Lows While the Civic’s new looks are certainly more eye-catching than the pedestrian looking models from recent history, the sharp and angular styling may not appeal to everyone. There are also cheaper equivalents to the Honda but, with the car’s strong residual values, it’s still a financially prudent investment.

UAE starting price Resale value
AED 72,900

 Reliable, dependable and now stylish and fun to own, the popular Honda has class-leading residuals.



Following the disappointment of recent versions, Honda has released a model that restores the brand’s reputation as a reliable carmaker with generous specs, class-leading engines and excellent handling. There is little to fault with the current Japanese vehicle.

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