Mitsubishi Pajero - Review

Best for: As solid as it looks, the aging Pajero is renowned for its reliability. Throw in excellent levels of space and solid off-road credentials and this popular 4x4 meets a number of needs, resulting in strong residual prices.

Team getthat
August 22, 2017

Australian popstar Kylie Minogue is seemingly impervious to age. Despite the fact she’s approaching her 50s, the singer appears far younger than her years. The same could be said for Mitsubishi’s off-roader, the Pajero.

The current version of the Japanese 4×4 has been on the market since 2006 yet, like Minogue, it continues to look fresh. Minor updates, such as Apple Carplay, have kept the Pajero relevant. Yet unlike the diminutive Aussie, the Mitsubishi weighs in at more than 2,000kg, making somewhat cumbersome when it comes to driving dynamics.

Highs Renowned for its strength and reliability, the dependable Pajero is cheaper than its main rival, the Toyota Prado and also has the capacity for 7 people. A capable off-roader, the Japanese motor is in its element either dune bashing or cruising on the school run. Moreover, with active stability and traction control, the 4x4 is loaded with the latest safety kit.

Lows Despite a raft of tech updates, the cabin in the Pajero is beginning to show its age. With hard plastics and a cluttered design, the Mitsubishi’s interior fails to live up to the standards of some of its rivals from manufacturers such as Toyota or Honda. The Pajero’s curb weight is also a hindrance. The sheer bulk of the off-roader places it a class below some of its more drivable rivals, such as the Ford Escape, which although less capable off road, has better handling on the tarmac.

UAE Starting Price : Resale Value
AED 94,900




For a popular load carrier and strong off-roader, which offers the modern comforts expected of a car in its price bracket, the Pajero offers excellent value for money. If an ultra-sleek interior and dynamic handling are a priority however, there are more capable options on the market.

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