5 Tips to Selling Your Pre-Loved Items on getthat

Planning to spring clean your apartment? Try some of our foolproof tips to make some money off the stockpile.

Aparna Pengat
February 4, 2018

Decluttering your belongings can be a painful exercise, especially if you happen to be a hoarder. But there comes a day when you run out of space to store your latest purchases. And then you realize, it’s time to give up the bits and bobs – the camera that’s bereft of pictures, the classic guitar that’s sung so little, the fun board games that await their return from closet exile.

While selling your stuff on one of the leading classifieds sites in the UAE may seem easy. But in reality, a successful sale requires a combination of research and strategy.

Hoping to get started? Try some of our foolproof tips to make some money off your stockpile.

1) Price it Right

So you bought your professional SLR at a sale, but think you deserve to earn the actual price of the camera after two years of inactivity. Think again. The cost of an item is one of the critical factors deciding the sale. Price it too low, and you have squandered your chance to get what you deserve. Price it too high, and you have lost the audience.

Unless you hold a vintage item or it has a historical story value, chances are your belonging has halved in value. If you are unsure of where to start – begin by researching the current price of your item on a regular e-commerce site. If it is an older model, look for the price range it is being sold on relevant classifieds sites. Assess the condition of the item listed at its price. Use this exercise to benchmark an acceptable sale price for your product.

2) Be Honest

While it is tempting to embellish or conceal a few details about your prized possession, a good practice would be to state things as accurately as possible. An honest description of your belonging will help to build trust in you as a seller. A good reputation will also help you up your sales activity. Regular bargain hunters are positively disposed to spread the word when they find a good deal and a dealer.

3) Plan Your Title

Unlike a regular blog or a content website, a catchy ad title does not equal to more clicks or views. Products on a classifieds website get tagged in a list based format within the defined categories and user search terms. So before you decide to go all fancy with thesaurus.com, we advise you to look for specific keywords associated with your product. Research the keywords used by people selling similar products or think of keywords you would search for to find your product. Compare the types of products and the number of products that appear for each keyword. Then combine a generic keyword result with a more specific one.

Here are a few examples on how to write a good ad title:

Keyword: Treadmill
Ad Title: Treadmill for Urgent Sale

Ad Title: Treadmill in very good condition for sale (AED 500)

Keyword: Dining Table
Ad Title: 8 persons dining table – solid wood

Ad Title: Dining table with 6 chairs for sale

4) Upload High-Quality Photos

A good, high-quality picture is worth more than the product description character limit. As far as possible try to take photos in natural light. Opt for daylight pictures and avoid the filters to enhance the look of the product. Remember, the idea is to sell it, not garner social likes. Take shots from different angles, including close-ups and distance shots to allow the buyer to evaluate better. If your product has flaws, like a tiny dent or a scratch – show them. Being honest about the imperfections aids your credibility.

Here are some examples of well shot product photographs.

Keyword: Sofa
Ad Title: IKEA sofa bed cum storage corner sofa

Category: Computer
Ad Title: Apple Macbook in Cheap price

5) Feature Your Ad to Reach More Buyers

As more and more products get added on to the website, it’s normal for your listing to skip a page or two in the search result. You can refresh your ad listing to gather more views in two ways:
a. Delete the old ad and submit a new listing to automatically bring your ad to the top for a couple of days. If the volume of products being sold and uploaded is higher on a website, chances are, this option will become ineffective in a day or two.
b. Alternately, you can also pay to Feature your Ad at the top of the search result in the specific category. Your Ad will be differentiated from the other listings, and will stay on top until the timeline you have selected expires.

Selling online is a lot of trial and error. Once you start selling on getthat.com, on a regular basis, you will notice how the above points come into play and how fine-tuning some of them can significantly add to your bottom line.



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