Get fit on a budget

Ask yourself this, what is scarier? Becoming morbidly obese through poor diet and no exercise. Or taking out an expensive gym membership that you will never really use?

Team getthat
April 12, 2018

Ask yourself this, what’s scarier? Becoming morbidly obese through poor diet and no exercise. Or taking out an expensive gym membership that you’ll never really use?

Plot twist: they’re both scary but becoming morbidly obese should shock you even more.

Luckily, you don’t need to get fatter or throw money down the drain with an expensive gym membership. You can actually get fit and lose weight, all on a budget. The only major investment is your time. And discipline. But putting that aside, here’s some quick cheap ways to melt the fat and start looking fabulous:

Find some affordable second hand sports equipment.
No matter your budget, there’s quite a few different things to help you get on with your fitness journey, that won’t cost as much as a yearly gym membership. This elliptical machine is great for low impact workouts and affordable at just 400AED. There’s also a slimming belt for a more passive but still somewhat effective workout (your results may vary!). There’s other sports equipment to check out to suit your activity level.

Go out cycling.
If a stationery exercise bike isn’t enough for you and you want to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery, consider an actual bicycle. There’s a cool foldable bike here and for just 400AED you can have this mountain bike right here (it comes with a bell!) . With the wind in your hair, you can go anywhere! You may wish to ride early in the morning or later at night to avoid the searing heat as we dive right into summer in Dubai!

Play some sports.
Here’s a cricket set that’s ideal for the kids and are perfect for any picnic. Playing sports is an excellent way to get fit and healthy whilst having fun at the same time. It’s definitely cheaper than the gym and we’ll argue it’s a lot more enjoyable, especially when you win!

Bonus: check out this fitness tracker watch for a mere 125AED. Very handy when you want to know how you’re progressing as you work on your fitness!

And if you’ve managed to get yourself into shape and fancy a challenge, there’s the Dubai Desert Run happening on Saturday 14 April that has a 3km and 10km option for you to enjoy.

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