Thoughtful Festive Gifts Under 200 Dhs

This festive season tread the gift giving minefield with these carefully curated products

Aparna Pengat
December 26, 2017

Much awaited and dreaded in equal measure – ‘tis the season of giving and receiving gifts that often wind up rewrapped and regifted the year after.
While the act of giving in itself is a thoughtful gesture, becoming a good gift giver requires some sleuthing skills. The detective hat is to figure something quirky or personal about your close friend or family.

Once you are privy to that information, getthat can help you find something unique and budget friendly (Shh… we won’t tell.) Tip toe right this way…

  • For the Fashionista

Talk about the latest lip shade, the best bronzer of the year, the top-of-the-line smudge-free eyeliner -she’s got it all and some more. Adding another lip liner or a winter eye shadow palette to her burgeoning collection of cosmetics is a no brainer and a wallet drainer.

However, if thoughtful is your theme for this season – get her a nifty Organizer instead.

Cosmetic organizer
Price: 20 dhs
Shop Here

  • For the Perfect Party Host

She’s your quintessential gracious party host. The weekend festivity at her cozy suburban apartment is a crowd-pleaser. Nothing delights her more than enhancing her home aesthetics. Getthat recommends these for the homebody:

An elegant centerpiece
Price: 99 dhs
Shop Here
A soothing wall art
Price: 100 dhs
Shop Here
Stylish glassware
Price: 35 dhs
Shop Here

  • For the Gaming Enthusiast

Got a gamer in your midst? Help them take their play to the next level with these gifts:

Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure – Xbox 360
Price: 109 dhs
Shop Here
PS4 Blu-ray Games
Price: 175 dhs
Shop Here
CD/DVD Box (Sort and store the gaming CDs)
Price: 20 dhs
Shop Here

  • For the Serial Hobbyist

They are forever chasing the next interesting thing to learn and master. While mastery may or may not be attained, the thrill of flexing their learning muscle gives these folks their daily kick.
Gift them a musical instrument to up their learning curve.

Acoustic Guitar
Price: 200 dhs
Shop Here
For the Smartphone Savvy
Everyone’s got that one friend who’s always texting nineteen to the dozen on their smartphone. Help them get more productive – gift a pocket keyboard.

Universal Pocket Keyboard
Price: 125 dhs
Shop Here

  • For the Binge-Racer

Her to-view list of the top rated TV shows from this season and last, is fast withering like House Stark. She’s the Khaleesi of binge watching, annihilating shows even before they’ve made it to mainstream. Gift her the joy of binge-racing on a big screen with this portable gem.

Google Chromecast 2 HDMI Media Player
 Price: 120 dhs
Shop Here 

Remember, the secret to being a good giver is to keep it simple and practical!

There’s plenty more great deals to find in our Classifieds section. From Fashion, to Electronics to Furniture and so much more!



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