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Get the best in the business to create your CV for you

Sankar Pillai
February 5, 2020

Sit back, relax and allow the best people in the business to curate your CV for you to ensure you get the job of your dreams.

How often has it been when an amazing job offer has been so tantalizingly close and you’ve found yourselves unprepared just because your CV has not been up to scratch? We are sorry if you’ve experienced this feeling before.

To put a good ring to it, all this is in the past because now, has you covered with its all new premium, professional CV writing service and put you on the high road to success.

6 signs you need a professional CV writing service

The following signs are sure-fire indicators that you require a professional CV writing service

  • You are looking to enter a job market in a new country
  • You need help in selling yourself
  • Your applications haven’t got the views or calls you were expecting
  • You are considering a career change
  • You are returning to work after a long gap
  • You are not familiar with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

How can getthat help you?

At getthat our team of professional writers create CVs that fight the ATS and get you noticed, increasing your chances of sitting in and acing that interview.

Our writers know the system

There are statistics to prove that upto a whopping 75 per cent of applications from prospective job seekers don’t get through the ATS. This means that if your CV is not ATS optimized, your CV gets relegated to a virtual bin and no prospective employer will glance at your CV ever again.

At our team of writers know exactly how the system works, creating each CV with the right structure and choice of words to pass the ATS.

Personalised 1-on-1 approach with getthat on your side

A recruiter on average spends between 5 to 10 seconds scanning a resume. This means that if your CV is not tailored to a specific job, it is difficult to get it past the recruiter.

With getthat on your side, our writers will work 1 on 1 with you to create a professional resume that puts you in the best light through your CV.

Sharing critical insights

It may not be easy for many to get a job in a competitive market like the UAE. This means the faster you resort to professional help on your CV, the better and quicker chances you have of landing a job. At getthat, our insights on working with employers and jobseekers in diverse industries are shared with you to get you noticed quicker.

Get your professional CV now!

Enrolling for the professional CV writing service is easy as pie with a simple one-click interface once you log onto Allow the system to guide you through a few steps or just follow our video

Getthat offers professional CV writing services catering to several levels, depending on which rung of the corporate ladder you are on, from entry and mid-level to senior level.

An excellent price structure also offers CV writing options catering to various requirements, from Professional Cover Letter Writing and a CV writing service to premium packages.

Explore to find out more or just call us on 600 587234. You can also email us on

Besides, also offers an amazing option to evaluate your CV for free. is the go-to site for the best job offers in the UAE with hundreds of job options sourced from across sectors to fit your needs. Now, with its professional CV writing service, offers a well-rounded package to see you on your road to success.

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