Now Never Miss a Call Lead

We’ve just launched the Call Tracking & Monitoring feature to help you track and monitor every call lead that comes from 

Blossom Menezes Joshi
August 6, 2018

We’ve just launched the ‘Call Tracking & Monitoring’ service to help you track and monitor every call lead that comes from

What is Call Tracking & Monitoring? 

This is a new service on for property agents and property management companies that allows you to track all customer calls coming to your agent(s) and monitor calls at your convenience.

Why call tracking?

We understand that your life as an agent or a property management company can be hectic and exhausting. Whether you have several agents specializing in several locations or one agent who manages several locations, keeping track of every lead that comes in, could leave you feeling completely spent.

Are all of your agents receiving all the calls?
Are they keeping track of the missed calls?
Are they following up on the leads?

There could be several questions, when it comes to tracking call leads effectively.

Call tracking & Monitoring service is the solution to effectively track all calls coming to your agent(s), monitor your agents call activity and thereby their performance.

How it works?


Why sign up with us?

• Listen to or download calls to increase service efficiencies

• Follow up on missed calls and turn them to leads

• Gather all customer call data in one place

• Get the complete picture on your call leads

• Analyze the call activity for each of your agents

• Make it easier for your agents to track and convert leads

• Measure the ROI on your spends

Can’t wait to get started? Speak with our sales agent now on 600 587234 or email us at

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