Review and manage applicants more effectively

View applicant profiles with ease. Shortlist, discard or simply reach out to the right candidate faster.

Blossom Menezes Joshi
March 28, 2018

At getthat, we understand the challenges an employer faces when it comes to hiring the right talent, real quick. Being a fairly competitive market, employers very often are inundated with resumes of all kinds. ‘Separating the wheat from the chaff’ can be a daunting task for many, lasting upto several days.

Here’s how the new improved employer dashboard can help.

  • Search for candidates with a specific job title, recent job title, summary or skillset to shortlist.
  • Filter applicants based on their skills, experience, academic degree, visa status and much more.
  • Sort applicants based on the date they applied on, to access newer applicants faster.
  • View profiles on the desktop with ease with a left and right view.
  • Shortlist candidates you think are a good fit and discard candidates with just one click.
  • Access the applicant’s contact information much faster with a single click.

Think your job ads are getting more views but less action? Add relevant Badges to attract the right talent or feature your job with the featured package for more visibility.

Try this new feature today and let us know what you think at

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