View Your Ad Performance – Instantly!

Find out how your ads are performing, right on your dashboard.

Team getthat
January 24, 2018

At getthat we are constantly striving to bring you an effortless user experience. Be it searching for the dream job or house or placing an ad to sell your preloved car or personal item.

So we got our developers to tinker around a bit and find a solution to make things easily accessible, such as your Ad Performance. For instance, you’ve placed an Ad on getthat seeking a new owner for your beautiful SUV. And you wish to know who has viewed your ad or tried to reach out to you through the Call, SMS, Email or Share button on the page. Simply login to getthat and go to the dashboard to view instant performance summary for each Ad.

Now you will be able to view on your dashboard:

  • Total no. of views each Ad received
  • Number of people who clicked the Call button
  • Number of people who clicked the SMS button
  • Number of Emails you received
  • Total number of Leads

If you wish to see a detailed view with charts, click on the “View Stats” icon next to the ad.

Think your ads are getting more views but less action? Add a relevant Badge or Boost if it’s a Property or Autos Ad.

Try this new feature today and send us your feedback at

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