Expand your net and hire that remote employee!

Employers must keep their options open in terms of hiring options and looking at staffing remote employees is a possibility if the approach is right

Sankar Pillai
July 21, 2020

Employers often require to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best possible applicant for any one of the positions opening up at their respective firms, and everyone from head hunters to job consultants and HR reps are constantly on the lookout for avenues that will help build a bigger pool, a larger database of overachieving applicants to choose from for individual job references.

The remote employee is a relatively new fad that’s especially come to light in the wake of the pandemic as more and more companies and brands look at the positives of employees working from home in the quest to push the narrative on social distancing. But what are the steps employers ought to keep in mind when opting for remote employees to join their team? How can they attract, hire and retain remote employees in a manner that is symbiotic for both the organisation and the employee? Read on.


Build your brand

What most often attracts the best employees to the best companies? It’s the stature of the brand and the goodwill it enjoys among peers. For employers therefore it’s critical to build a great brand before planning to hire the best in the business to run the same. And the fact couldn’t be more relevant when considering remote employees who more often than not, search and seek out your digital presence on the www to make an informed decision on how good or bad your company could be for their future. Building a good online presence therefore, is essential for firms in this day and age when looking to hire remote employees.

Be sure of your hiring parameters

Employing someone remotely requires a different set of variables to be observed during the hiring process. Being good at one’s job might just not be enough. Employers therefore need to ensure that good remote candidates require excellent communication and collaboration skills as well as a strong organizational capacity and time management skills.

Adapt the right hiring approach during interviews

There are essentially 3 steps to hiring remote employees when talking about the interview process. The first interview session could introduce prospective remote employees to the firm’s work culture and how operations are streamlined within the company to best fit the needs of the brand and its staff. The second round of interviews can focus upon employee experience to evaluate what the employee brings to the table, while the third and final interview could look at any key element that the new job entails that the prospective employee needs to be familiar with.

Elaborate on your work ethic

In the digital age, distance is not an obstacle to the quality and standard of work an employee ought to live up to. Ensure therefore that you are clear about how your firm approaches set tasks and what the employee’s job obligations will be. If there are certain rules that are not possibly set in stone, be clear about them as well as being transparent on the ones that are, so remote employees know what is demanded of them in the virtual workspace.

Following up and adhering to the pointers should help employers target and source the perfect remote employee for the job.

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