How to Write the Perfect Job Vacancy Ad

As an employer, finding the ideal candidate for the job can be a task. Following our tips should help you to hire better.

Sankar Pillai
July 22, 2019

Steve Jobs once said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

As an employer, navigating the course that leads to your employee of choice can be a minefield if you are not up to the task. What does it take, then, to hire the perfect candidate? A good job vacancy ad for starters. Here’s how you can go about it.

  1. Know what the candidate is looking for

You may be clear about what you want in your ad, which is a good thing. But as an employer you also need to gauge and be aware of what a prospective candidate expects to see in the job vacancy ad as well. From interesting facts about your company and its USP to providing a small window into your company’s portfolio and the services it offers, as well as what keeps the folks at your company motivated are some pointers that you must include in your ad. It also helps to keep these precise and to the point.

A proper job vacancy ad should therefore include a job description that highlights as many relevant skillsets as possible, which are required to qualify for the job; expected salary range, and job benefits.

  1. Share your company name 

Blind ads are a good option if you wish to screen the resumes of potential candidates through the help of a recruiting agency. However, your ultimate aim is to get the best recruit to fill your job vacancy and more often than not, good candidates opt out of applying for a post based on details seen in a blind ad. It therefore makes sense to carry the name of your company when posting a job vacancy ad.

  1. Choose the appropriate mode of accepting applications

Prospective candidates are often confused about how to apply for a post since employers may not share clear-cut options. For instance, offers the three default options normally used to get candidates to apply, through email, accessing the company website or through the regular walk-in interview.

Inviting applications through email allows you as an employer to screen the candidate’s CV, shortlist, discard and contact the candidate, right from your getthat dashboard. It is super convenient. Alternately you can choose the website option if you already have an applicant tracking system on your own website. Recruiters usually prefer walk-ins when they need to make quick hiring decisions based on overall first impressions.

  1. Clarify the career path

The candidate needs to be aware of what the future role offers in terms of career improvement, if he or she decided to accept the job. The job vacancy ad needs to highlight in a succinct manner what the career path for the respective job title would be to entice the prospective job seeker to scan and consider the ad.

  1. Maximize the ad exposure

If you’re looking for maximum exposure on your ad, you could choose to feature your ad and add badges based on what is relevant to your ad (UAE experience is a must, Attractive Package and Immediate Hiring) to increase the exposure on your ad.

  1. Make it seem challenging

Many job vacancy ads fail to attract the best candidates as they don’t have what it takes to attract the best. A good job vacancy ad should make the job title at hand look challenging enough to make it a compelling proposition for prospective job seekers.

  1. Set a high bar

The crucible of prospective job applicants consists of various types, many of candidates may not be quite up to the mark. Your ad should be the first step towards separating the grain from the chaff as it were, so make it a point to set your expectations from your prospective employee up high.

  1. Keep that ad structured

Every good ad possesses a structure and the same follows through for a job vacancy ad as well. So, from the job details to the description as well as role responsibilities, rewards and location, ensure your ad presents these parts in order.

Following these essentials should help you script that job vacancy ad to rope in that perfect employee. has hundreds of vacancies across a variety of job options from engineering to sales to healthcare. Log on to find out more.

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