5 ways to dealing with an unexpected job loss

Getting stressed when losing one’s job is normal. Ensure you think on your feet and be prepared for the eventuality should it arise.

Sankar Pillai
August 6, 2020

These are difficult times and a job loss can happen to the best among us, from workaholics to dedicated professionals as well as those who show integrity to their jobs and the workplace. Dealing with job loss can be very subjective with individuals reacting differently, adversely or sensibly to the situation. These 5 steps will ensure you stay on the straight and narrow and make constructive decisions and deal with the situation in the right manner

  1. Plan your immediate moves in the aftermath

From your budget to the immediate expenses, mandatory and miscellaneous, ensure your regular payment schedules including rent, credit cards etc are not disrupted. Create a chart or a table in case you haven’t already, so you know the amount of money required to see you through the month.

  1. Keep miscellaneous expenses low

Impulsive buying and stretching your credit card to the limit just won’t cut it anymore. Show restraint and be sure your credit card stays in your pocket in case you make that random trip to the mall as part of your stressbuster regimen to take your mind off things. Window shopping is fine, resorting to buying stuff isn’t.

  1. Food, shelter, utilities, transportation

These are essentially the four things you need to look into and are catered for when you are unemployed. Paying the minimum on your credit card bills is fine, monthly medical expenses should be restricted as much as possible, use public transport as much as you possibly can and save on petrol and parking fare. And where possible, walk, a little exercise won’t do you any harm.

  1. Reevaluate career choices

This might also be a good time to consider if you are in the right profession at all. Think of the things you love doing most and see if they hold water as a regular profession. Hone your skillsets in this regard, see if there are any courses (preferably free, and online) that you can attend to up your game in the career you intend taking up and scout around for jobs. getthat.com offers hundreds of jobs across unique professions, register, log in, give it a shot.

  1. Spruce up your CV

It’s the window into your professional soul, the key that could unlock hundreds of career opportunities, it’s your humble CV. See your CV is in sync with your career change and reflects all that you have accomplished this far before you scout around for a new job. getthat.com offers amazing options to curate your CV by the best professional CV writers in the business. Register now and leave your CV in the hands of the professionals.

Losing your job can be a stressful affair, see you don’t give in to opting for unreasonable choices. Reevaluate your career choices and make an informed decision. getthat.com offers wonderful opportunities with hundreds of job offers listed by the best companies representing various sectors. Log on and find out the career that’s tailormade to fit your requirements and get your life back on track.

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