5 Ways to Increase Business Connections

If we develop ourselves consistently, then we can make the best of these 5 ways to increase business connections. Right from a Candidate to Top Management, the practices of increasing Business Connections remain the same.

Anchal Andrews
January 4, 2018

If we develop ourselves consistently, then we can make the best of these 5 ways to increase Business Connections. Right from a Candidate to Top Management, the practices of increasing Business Connections remain the same.

The 5 Ways to Increase Business Connections are:

Networking: as the pursuit of interaction with others. There are several networking platforms and some of these have stringent criteria for admission into their network. Attending events, that expose you to interactions with people, can be a good way to start networking.

These events may be social, cocktails, parties, conventions, conferences, seminars etc. Networking isn’t confined to a group meeting but can be one-to-one meetings in which discussions are structured, explained for its purpose and led by the initiator.

Simple ways to structure networking experiences are:

  • To prepare a purpose for the visit and clearly define it to the other
  • Jot down a list of general and specific questions you would like to ask
  • Refrain from the interaction sounding like an interview
  • Be updated on global events
  • Follow global trends
  • Be interested in knowing the other person
  • Address their professional or social contributions

Seeking Referrals: by looking for direction to meet decision makers. Don’t be afraid to ask for business connections from clients, even if it may be candidly asking for at least 10 referrals for similar work. Seekers are most likely to receive a minimum of 3 referrals – which is better than receiving none!

You can ask for referrals when:

  • Getting work approved
  • Building a relationship
  • Gaining business

The right moments to ask for Business Connections is dependent on the pulse of each stage.

Formally asking for referrals during networking events can also be fruitful. Remember to carry business cards for identifying your nature of business, for the company name, your name and your contact information.

Social Media: including written text, audio, video and graphics promotes you and your work. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are great ways to further your Business Connections. Your interactions should be fun blended with a professional focus.

A bland, cut and dry interaction could be rejected. Encourage a dialogue based on what you post! Social Media is a great way to gain visibility. Prove your credibility after an interaction is established.

Collecting Testimonials: as gathering recommendations for your professional work is imperative. It is always a privilege for clients to pass on good words for work well done. Testimonials prove your credibility to a large extent!

Be confident to request for a Testimonial from a client by simply asking the client that if they felt your services were good then would it be in-order for them to extend a good word for you in writing or on media or verbally to a prospective customer or client.

Usually when I share my Testimonials with clients, I gain new business and increase Business Connections quite easily.

Being Authentic: is being genuine in interactions. Using the right body language, sounding unrehearsed, and keeping a flow to conversations are good ways to develop genuineness. Body language usually cannot be faked, and has the tendency to show fidelity to an intention. Intentions should be right for natural body language to follow.

When you know, what is to be said in principle, then a truthful conversation is more likely to happen. Avoid sounding rehearsed. People want to meet others they can trust! The best way to increase Business Connections is to be trustworthy and quite natural. Being authentic is the most important way of increasing business connections.

An observable level of enthusiasm is always welcome in living these 5 ways to increase Business Connection.

Blending all 5 ways makes it more likely to bring in success!

About the Author:
Anchal Andrews is a Fellow Member of the Chartered Management Institute incorporated by the Royal Charter in the United Kingdom, she has worked in United Arab Emirates for over 15 years and is the Owner of SkillMaker Consultancy Private Limited in India. She is the Author of the book titled ‘Beyond Frontline Excellence’.



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