Don’t work hard, work smart!

How to identify peak productivity hours and use this to create a work schedule.

Sankar Pillai
January 4, 2021

The sheer drudgery that comes with a 9-5 job is familiar to many among us who have willingly or otherwise joined the rat race in our quest for a better life. However, being part of the system does not necessarily mean that you need to submit to its negative forces and be bored out of your wits’ end by the sheer drudgery of it all.

Identifying those peak productivity hours during time spent in office will help you channel your efforts in making the most of that crucial period of time with the result that you have enough time in hand to enjoy doing the things you cherish and help you move closer towards your goal of leading a fulfilling life.

Our 3 tips should put you on the path to success.

  1. Maintain a daily log of your work hours

To establish your best hours at work, it’s important that you find out your best hours each day and try and single out a period of time through your work week. For this therefore maintain a daily work log for a couple or three weeks on an excel sheet, colour code the hours in the day when you feel you have accomplished maximum tasks successfully and efficiently and try and reach a conclusion based on the period of time in the week that you work best in.

  1. Identify responsibilities

Finding out your best hours is just part of the fix, it is critical that you also identify the tasks allocated to you and prioritize. Then, based on how time specific these tasks are, try and move the high-priority tasks to that part of day that you have singled out as your peak productivity hour zone and watch the tasks magically tumble one after the other.

  1. Constantly analyse your peak productivity hour period

It’s good that you have managed to work out a schedule and channeled your efforts towards tackling priority tasks when you peak at work. However, it’s equally important that you monitor these peak hours and see if there is any way you can squeeze in more tasks into that time frame. This obviously means improving your efficiency in handling those individual tasks even further. The fact that you managed to create space within your work day for priority tasks will mean that you have allowed yourselves more time and space to execute priority tasks, helping you get more work done when you peak through the day and make the most of your work week.

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