How long does it take to find a job in the UAE?

If you are committed and with the right accessories including a good job site with excellent references, searching for a job in the UAE should prove fruitful.

Sankar Pillai
March 23, 2020

Right off the top of it, there are a few things that worry job seekers everywhere around the world. Things like finding the perfect job profile, an excellent boss and whether the peer group would be supportive or not will plague many an applicant. However, what ails those who are desperate to get into a job is how long it would take to latch onto a job in the first place.

A similar thought leaves many job applicants in the UAE apprehensive as well, so what needs to be said at the outset is that although the job landscape may seem tough to many, the right accessories including an excellent job site that offers great references across industry verticals, as well as the level of commitment shown in seeking a job will go a long way to ensure you get the job of your dreams in double quick time.

A study commissioned by Glassdoor in 2017 and reported by Gulf News revealed the UAE to have one of the slowest hiring processes in the world, averaging at 38.5 days for an applicant to be hired by a potential employer. However, that said, what was also noted was that some of the most advanced and developed countries also had similarly long hiring processes with France averaging at 38.9 days, Switzerland at 37.6, and Belgium at 36.

There are various reasons why the job application process seem stretched in many parts of the world including the UAE, with experts suggesting the length of time taken to hire an employee being proportionate to labour market regulations that employers have to deal with in the respective country.

As an industrial and logistics hub for the region, the UAE offers a unique case study in terms of the time or duration taken to hire with a steady stream of expat workers applying for jobs. As reported in Gulf News, experts feel the sheer number of job applicants for openings in Dubai and the rest of the UAE is considerably higher than in other parts of the region. To actually sift through these applications and home in on the candidate of choice, they feel will take up much more time and lead to delays in the hiring process.

Its strong expat base can also be another reason behind the long hiring process in the UAE, with many applicants expected to travel from around the world to attend a face to face with a potential employer in the UAE. That commute, sometimes from half way around the world will add up.

That said, the UAE also offers excellent facilities for job applicants to check out job options and try and get gainfully employed quick and fast, including superlative job sites.

As one of the largest job portals in the UAE, offers an array of job profiles across sectors and industries. With a host of value adds including helping you put together that perfect CV as well as advisory features on dealing with workspace niggles and everyday issues, is the perfect vehicle to help you land your dream job and move ahead in your career with confidence. Log on and register with today.


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