How to kickstart your job search in 2020

There’s more to job searches than punctuality and great cover letters. Read on to find out.

Sankar Pillai
January 16, 2020

The best candidates for a job can sometimes be overlooked because frankly speaking there are only so many applicants that employers can sift through before choosing the one.
That said, a job candidate needs to do a bit more than writing a great cover letter and reporting for the interview on time these days because of the stiff competition for any one job offer.

Here are 7 great ways to kick start your job search and ensure it is a success in the new year.

1. Try to apply to the best
It may make sense to you initially to spread a wide net and search for the maximum jobs possible to get maximum responses. But every job you apply to doesn’t necessarily have to be the best fit. Time is money, so ensure you pick and choose your job offers wisely before applying.

2. Be goal oriented
Ensure you know what you hope to achieve through your job in the long term, and write this down. Keep reminding yourself of your goals when applying for a job offer so you know you are applying for the right kind of job. The move will also influence the kind of employer you search for and how you plan to prioritise your networking.

3. Create a set of variables
Be sure about what you are looking for a in a firm that you wish to join including for instance, corporate culture, size of the industry you wish to be a part of and location. Then run the target list of companies past these variables and mark the ones that meet most of the parameters before applying.

4. Curate your covering letter
Different jobs require different approaches, similarly applications to different job profiles require you curate your covering letter as well. So, study what the job requires, be aware of your weaknesses and highlight your strengths when penning that cover letter.

job search in 2020

5. Keep your networking alive
Ensure you have a strong LinkedIn profile that has been updated as it is a prime source for job contacts. Once you apply through a company website or send off a blind job application, get onto the networking app and see if there are any contacts on your list who may be associated with the firm you are interested in joining. Be it a friend or a friend’s friend, get in touch and let them know that you have applied. A reference at the source always help and if someone within the organisation puts in a word, your chances of getting through should dramatically improve.

6. Update your skill sets
You never stop learning, however experienced you may be. At least that is the belief. Hence, maintain and brush up on your skills, update them whenever you get the chance and add new skills to your existing base. This will help you in the long term as and when you plan to switch not just your job but your profession as well.

7. Don’t underestimate the competition
These days being the perfect fit for a job is not enough. Is there anything more that you can bring to the table is the question on the minds of many an employer. Strategize on this query and look at ways and means by which you can add to your requisite skill sets to stand out from the rest.
Keep these tips in mind when before suiting up and applying for your jobs this year to ensure you get chosen for your dream job. is the go-to resource for hundreds of viable job opportunities in the UAE, as well as similar advisory features to help you on your journey to a successful career. Log in now to find out more.

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