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All you need to know about the Virtual Working Programme

Sankar Pillai
November 15, 2020

You have possibly dreamt of that utopian notion, of having the best of both worlds. Getting to live the Dubai life while working for an employer based thousands of miles away and making big bucks while at it.

Thing is, it’s no more a utopian concept with what the Dubai Government will have us believe, thanks to the all-new Virtual Working Programme.

What’s the fuss all about?

The Virtual Working Programme is a one-year programe launched by the Dubai Government, announced for overseas professionals and entrepreneurs last month, allowing remote workers and their families to relocate to Dubai.

How much will it cost?

The Dubai Corporation of Tourism ad Commerce Marketing has announced details of the programme on its website. The gist of it is that the one-year programme costs $287 (Dh1,054) plus medical insurance with a valid UAE coverage and processing fee for each applicant. Access is also offered to all services including telecom, service utilities and schooling options for the children. The initiative essentially allows applicants to connect to a global hub and a skilled workforce composed of more than 200 nationalities.

What are the formalities?

Documents for submission that are required to start the process include one’s passport copy, valid for atleast six months; health insurance with UAE coverage; proof of employment from one’s current employer with the contract showing a one-year validity, as well as a minimum monthly salary of $5,000, as well as the previous month’s payslip and bank statements from the preceding three months.

Entrepreneurs applying for the Virtual Working Programme will need to show proof of ownership of a company for a year or more and an average monthly salary of $5,000, as well as bank statements from the last three months.

All documents for submission can be emailed to As stated by the Visit Dubai website, once all documents are received, a department representative will get in touch to initiate the process for the applicant.



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