Make your CV work for you

Know all about what an employer looks for in your CV at first glance, or not.

Sankar Pillai
September 13, 2020

It’s your ticket to the job of your dreams so when it comes to a CV, it’s important the document is reflective of everything that you stand for, and possibly a bit more.

Reams have been written about how important CVs are to open doors to great job options but what is it that ticks all the boxes on the employer’s checklist when he or she scans your CV? Allow our 6 crucial points to be your guide.

  1. Highlight your roles and responsibilities

A curated resume is a good resume. Every job profile you apply for will be different in some ways and it’s important that you ensure that your CV reflects the requirement, the roles and responsibilities that your prospective job demands.

  1. Over embellishing is a strict no no

Experienced HR personnel are always on the lookout for CVs that look buffed up and eliminate these first during the hiring process. So, with reference to the first point, also be sure you don’t insert skillsets and any manner of keyword or experience that does not necessarily complement the job offer you are currently applying for. Or, at least if you feel you need to complement your required skillsets with additional qualifications, keep it professional and to the required minimum.

  1. Underline your achievements

Hiring managers like to study how successful you have been in your past job profiles so numbers and percentages matter when you talk about your success story in your CV. As a successful sales manager, for instance in a past job profile mark out your success rate by talking about how often you have matched and overachieved your targets, of course through numbers, percentages and stats. This should have the desired effect when making an impression for your current job application.

  1. It helps to be social, online

There is research to suggest that a whopping 73 per cent of employers today hire candidates through social media. It pays therefore to have links for instance to your Linkedin and Twitter accounts on your CV, allowing prospective employers to see how you have managed to add value to the industry you identify with through your job profile.

  1. Qualifications matter

Highlight certifications or qualifications and accreditations that you gained during your student years and which you feel will make an impression on the job application at hand. Having qualifications that are over and above the job requirements is a big plus on your CV and should definitely be added for good measure.

  1. Easy on the eye

A good CV is usually compared to a good book. CVs that are well put together more often than not make for a good read. It’s critical therefore that you get your CV scrutinized by professional CV writers or agencies who can weed out the inconsistencies and bring the flow back into your resume. offers an excellent opportunity to get your CV checked by the best experts in the field. Log on to find out more.

The points above should keep you in the reckoning for a job that exactly fits your profile of work. offers hundreds of jobs curated to meet the needs of professionals from across industries. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to today!

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