Sectors that are hiring during Covid

It’s not all doom and gloom in the wake of the pandemic with several sectors making a distinct attempt to boost industry activity by keeping the staff hiring process wide open.

Sankar Pillai
June 1, 2020

A report by Gulf News in early May highlighted the levels of hiring activity in the UAE, though not on par with last year’s levels, to be still looking positive, thanks to the needs of a few critical sectors that still require staffers to fill vacant posts. So, while some sectors experienced high unemployment rates, others compensated by experiencing a rise in demand.

Unbelievable but true

The rapid spread of the coronavirus may have slammed the brakes on growth in several sectors but some industries refuse to abide by job trends and are in fact seeing such high demand for workers that companies are in fact experiencing a shortage of staff and applicants for jobs. Which, then are these jobs and are you perfectly suited for any of them? Read on.

In-demand jobs

While speaking to Gulf News, Abbas Ali, Senior Vice President of sales at TASC Outsourcing, a staffing firm based in the UAE, revealed a huge demand for workers in the e-commerce sector during the Covid pandemic.

“Demand in e-commerce is huge. We are getting a lot of enquiries for high-end technology professionals who can help companies through their digital transformation, as almost every company tries to brush up their online presence. This is also an area where we are able to recruit people working remotely, whether they are in India or in Romania. Whenever the borders open, these professionals will fly in but for the time being they are working remotely,” said Ali.

And if items and products are bought online, they also need to be delivered to the customer efficiently and quickly, which therefore also saw the demand for workers in the logistics and delivery business rising.

“Everybody needs a driver right now as well as warehouse helpers, and people who can support logistics,” observed Ali.

Home services is also seeing a similar rise in demand for staffers. Bana Shomali, founder of, a digital marketplace for home services, while speaking to Gulf News, said that the home service industry seemed resilient to the pandemic crisis.

“Demand for home services like moving, maintenance, electrical, plumbing, pest control, and home cleaning is still strong despite the crisis,” said Shomali, adding, “while we saw some initial slowdown in demand from customers at the start of the movement restrictions, demand for these essential services are now back to pre-coronavirus levels.

“In terms of services that saw an increase in demand – we have found that deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation services, across homes and offices have surged in demand. We are currently handling eight times the usual demand for these services. This is a precautionary disinfection service that homes and offices are requesting to ensure that their residences and workplaces are virus- and germ-free. We expect that this service will remain essential over the next six to 12 months,” she added.

Gulf News shared a list of occupations that are seeing a surge in demand for workers. See if any of the following fit your CV.


  • Software engineering (Mobile Developers, DevOps, Full stack developer)
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Cyber Security
  • Business Intelligence and data analytics
  • Digital product development and management – user interface and user experience (UI/UX) and product managers



If you have a UAE motorcycle or driving licence, one sector that has seen a huge demand is transportation, with many establishments offering home delivery options. Also, if you have any experience in retail and promotion, you should reach out to online marketplaces, whether it is food delivery or general websites, to find out if they are hiring, according to Ali.


  • Claim administrators
  • Administrative staff
  • Backend team of data coders

Medical service providers

Home services

  • Domestic workers
  • Deep cleaning
  • Disinfection services

Even if you do not have the necessary qualification for technical jobs like disinfection, the industry also requires support and business development staff, according to Shomali.

“Technical jobs do require specific qualifications and certifications, within maintenance, especially. However, other jobs in the industry such as operations, business development and project management will only require expertise in that industry or a similar one. So, you would need relevant experience in any industry that is focused around manpower, operations or construction,” she said.

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