4 ways job hunting has changed during Covid

Social distancing and remote access rules present new avenues for employment worth exploring. 

Sankar Pillai
June 16, 2021

Job hunting during and in the wake of the pandemic is proving to aspirants that in most cases the normal rules don’t apply. Here are 4 ways job hunting has evolved in the past year.

  1. Remote access means more jobs

Remote access has opened up new avenues of employment worth exploring. Jobs you thought that were not accessible because of distance are suddenly within reach because employers are increasingly encouraging remote access workspaces. Search and you will find.

  1. Be a problem solver, not a job seeker

Don’t reek of desperation when going after a job you desire, HR teams are proficient enough to gauge you for your talents rather than your eagerness to just join the organization. Instead, channel this energy and reverse the approach by presenting yourselves as a problem solver rather than as a job seeker. And the difference is simple but potent. Job seekers look around to fill posts, problem solvers are exactly what they are, they rise to challenges, gauge issues that their employers face and look at ways and means to fix it, leveraging experience in handling similar situations in the past.

  1. It’s more social than ever

Remote access and social distancing have also proven that the job hunting process is boiling down to virtual networking. Your chances at finding a job could dramatically increase based on your LinkedIn profile, for instance. The professional social networking tool has been the go to for HR managers searching for the right candidates to fill existing vacancies for remote access jobs considering face-to-face meetings and interactions were virtually put on hold since the pandemic started early last year. An updated LinkedIn profile, with succinct descriptions of past job profiles, your aspirations on a future job, and strong management and peer references is therefore expected to change your fortunes for the better when out job hunting.

  1. Ready for that online interview?

Recruiters find it tougher to hire employees through online interviews considering they don’t see the applicant in person. This means that there are more sets of interviews being added to the hiring process to ensure the selected candidate is the right fix for the job. More interview sessions obviously can prove daunting to job applicants too and the only way to surmount the sense of apprehension is to be suitably prepped for the rigours of virtual interview sessions. For instance, have work stories ready for your accomplishments. Most employers will pose situational questions and these stories play up well to counter these queries. A 60 second sell works well here, something on the lines of an elevator pitch. Possibly select your top five selling points, note them down and flesh them out and be ready to rattle them off when asked about your USP as a future employee at your organization of choice.

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