5 benefits of a tailor made Cover Letter

Let’s put it this way, if your CV is the engine that gets your career vehicle on the road to success, an excellent tailored cover letter is the key that will put that engine to work.

Sankar Pillai
January 7, 2020

The merits of a cover letter that is well put together are mostly underplayed. Allowing employees to put forward their mission statement, they simultaneously act as a window for employers to gauge your communication skills before meeting you. We underline 5 advantages.

  1. It’s all about the pitch

Writing a tailored cover letter gives you the freedom to pitch yourselves on multiple skill sets. This translates to lesser amendments being made to your CV with each job application you make.

  1. Keep it relevant

A short and succinct, tailored cover note does not give you the freedom to ramble and talk about all the experience you have gathered over the years, let the CV do that for you. Instead, a good cover letter boils down to focusing on the specifics and literally the job at hand, which essentially means convincing the employer about how your skill sets are relevant to the current job application.

  1. Personality mirroring

And I mean it in a good way. A tailored cover note reflects all the positive traits that encompass your personality and help make your prospective employer believe that you are indeed the right fix for the job. The cover letter is your selling agent, presenting you in the best possible form and format.

  1. Curated counts

Of the hundreds or even thousands of resumes gathered by employers for a job that you have applied for as well. Rest assured that a majority will be templates lifted off the internet. Putting your heart and soul into a brief cover note makes you stand out in the crowd and get noticed for all the right reasons. It’s also a surefire way for employers to understand how eager you are to be a part of their team.

  1. Be emphatic about the positives

A tailored cover note will help you entice the reader to look at your résumé. Make a reference to one of your attributes or accomplishments so the reader will flip the page to the résumé. Your résumé gives a review of your past jobs and experience but doesn’t give details. The cover letter gives you an opportunity to detail your experience in an area that applies to the position you want.

Consider these tips when fashioning your cover letter next time, to make every job hunt relevant and successful.

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