6 reasons why a professional LinkedIn profile is important

From a go to online resume to an excellent networking tool, the pros are many

Sankar Pillai
December 26, 2019

In today’s day and age, where the perfect employee is a multitasker and the proverbial jack of all trades, and where employers encourage employees to constantly seek ways and means to add to their skillsets, the conventional single job for a single lifetime approach is a thing of the past.

And as employees switch jobs and add to their skillsets with the blink of an eye, the regular CV, visualized as a couple of A4 size pieces of paper stapled together has also taken a beating.

In the age of social media where online networking is the rage, here are 6 reasons why an updated LinkedIn profile is your 5-star review for every prospective employer:

 1. Build your brand

Every successful brand creates a platform, the launch pad that helps it aim for glory. Treat yourselves as a brand and allow LinkedIn to be that platform. Used right, it has all the professional tools to help you make yourselves heard among the best employers in the business, locally and globally.

2. Find yourselves, on Google

One of the first things prospective employers do these days when making enquiries is searching for you on Google. An excellent LinkedIn profile raises your chances of visibility and can help you surface in that first scroll of searches thrown up by Google.

3. In sync with SEO

In connection with the aforementioned Google search, what a professional LinkedIn profile also automatically does is provide the valuable key words and tools that optimize a search query related to your name so that your profile is generated among the top searches related to your name as well, making you visible to a larger employer base in the long term.

4. Excellent networking tool

Building your brand also demands making your presence felt within your peer community. An excellent LinkedIn CV or profile that is updated regularly will ensure you grab eyeballs and remain in the reckoning when interesting and highly lucrative job offers come through.

5. It’s a different ballgame

As mentioned before, online profiles such as LinkedIn are very different from the run of the mill CVs, they are in sync with the requirements of jobs of the future today and provide ample opportunity for job seekers to make an impression where and when it matters the most.

6. It can get you inside

Connections more often than not lead to referrals and on LinkedIn, referrals can get you hired on your next dream job. So, ensure you are constantly networking with contacts on your LinkedIn network.

Follow these tips and update your LinkedIn profile for a better chance at netting the job of your dreams.

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