7 ways not to make your recruiter hate you

Sabotaging a professional relationship with your recruiter can be easy, what’s tough is establishing the circle of trust necessary for this partnership to move forward.

Sankar Pillai
March 17, 2020

  1. Don’t be dishonest

Be upfront and truthful in your dealings with your recruiter to show you are the real deal. This is bound to make an impression on your recruiter and will be conveyed to your potential employer. Besides, if you lie to your recruiter about your skill sets, you are bound to be caught out at some point during the interviews with your potential employers so it pays to speak the truth.

  1. Follow up regularly but don’t push it

Regular follow ups with your recruiter means you are interested in the offer at hand, but don’t be abrasive by calling up to check ten times a day, this can wear down the recruiter and make you look desperate too.

  1. Always be accessible

When you are out looking for a job and the hiring process is on, make it a point to be always accessible to your recruiter. If you are inaccessible when a potential job opportunity comes up, the recruiter may think twice about recommending you to another potential employer when a job offer comes through next time. Always keep the communication lines open.

  1. Keep that resume updated

Any experience you gather on your current job, or any training that you take up and accomplish needs to reflect on your CV, the next time you approach a recruiter when considering moving into a new job. The recruiter, if he or she is good, will constantly play up your strengths when speaking to employers and this means talking about your previous experience as well as the training modules you have participated in and the current skill sets you possess. If your CV is not up to date, the recruiter obviously cannot paint the perfect picture about your qualifications and work experience.

  1. If you hire a recruitment firm, always keep them in the loop

It is not ethical to circumvent the recruiter and approach your potential employer directly to discuss your job requirements and remuneration. Your recruiter has painted a picture about you that puts you in the best light. If the employer then sees you trying to liaise with them directly without having the recruiter in the frame, it’s going to reflect poorly on you.

  1. Turn down an offer with a valid reason

Your recruiter will keep checking with you through every step of the hiring process if you are comfortable during your interactions with your potential employer. If you later ditch the offer for no valid reason, your recruiter will think twice about approaching you with a good job offer next time around. So evaluate all the pros and cons on a potential offer before deciding to speak to your recruiter about turning it down.

  1. Always be prepared

For all practical purposes, the recruiter is your conduit to the employer. Therefore if you happen to be unprepared for an interview, it will not just reflect badly upon you but on your recruiter as well for it means that the recruiter has not managed to prep you for the interview in the first place, which of course may not be true. It is unprofessional to be unprepared for interviews especially when you have been intimated about the same much in advance by your recruiter. Be prepared at all times.

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