How to find a job in the post-Covid era

Tips to stay gainfully employed as the world finds its feet after pandemic held sway for more than a year.

Sankar Pillai
January 26, 2021

The vaccines are here and the era of the pandemic is hopefully, and thankfully on its way out. But it leaves behind in its wake a string of broken lives with unemployment up high and job losses plaguing global economies.

Back home, a raft of measures by the UAE Government in the past year mitigated the effects of the pandemic to a great extent but it has to be said that lives of families and expats, residents and businesses, have been affected.

How does one overcome all this and get back on the job wagon and keep those hopes up high, or hold on to one’s jobs despite all the gloom and doom? Our 5 tips should help you navigate troubled waters and find your moorings in the New Year as 2021 shifts into top gear.

  1. Be the go-to

Making yourselves indispensable in a competitive job environment might be tougher than you think. However, being organised and efficient in your work ethic, being able to provide solutions to problems instead of confronting issues with another one, and keeping your ear to the ground, will all work for you in the long term. Get your boss to consider you as the go-to when it comes to solving problems during the daily grind. The Mr Indispensible tag might not reflect well in your peers’ eyes, but being the blue eyed boy of your line manager or CEO definitely works in these times.

  1. Be open to part-time pay

Any work is good work as long as you stay gainfully employed and are able to squeeze some job satisfaction out of the tasks foisted upon you. Part-time contract jobs gained traction even before the Covid era but they lend significance during these times with more organisations looking at staffing part-time workers to get work done efficiently by third-party professionals while helping keep costs low. I repeat, this does not mean you compromise completely on job satisfaction, go after contract jobs that kind of mirror your job profile and that can be complemented by your skill sets.

  1. Pick up new skills

You never stop learning, this age old adage will stand true by you if you exercise the option to pick up new skillsets that will aid you in your professional career. React at the right time when you feel your profession is possibly taking a nosedive due to declining market demand and look at new skillsets that will complement what you currently know, or take you in a whole new direction towards a fulfilling career, the choice is yours. But ensuring you improve your chances in the job market will require you to upskill yourselves for jobs of the future so you stay in demand in the present.

  1. Create an appealing online profile

The number of hits you get on social media job sites such as Linkedin and other registered job sites will be based on how alluring your job profile is. If you feel you are up to the task, get on the job and create a well-rounded job profile that reflects your achievements in current and past jobs as well as your aspirations and ambitions within the job market. Also consider your core skills when fine tuning your job profile so a set number of employers focus on considering hiring you, instead of getting random calls from across industries that may not necessarily suit your job profile at all.

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  1. Be prepared to work remote

If you are the life of the office in the conventional pre-Covid era way, with office friends, peers and your line managers looking to you to lighten the mood, or the work load, this message might be hard to put across, but be prepared to work more remotely going forward.

The pandemic, for good or bad has proven to the world that physical offices for the most part is a myth created by the industrial revolution of the 19th century with workers expected to report to factories to get the machines rolling. Standard office functions of the 21st century that increasingly rule out manual labour in favour of an automated and digitalised work environment, do not necessarily require a human presence in the physical workspace. With the result, most office spaces are being confined within the frames of a Zoom call or an econference video chat. So, get used to connecting and exchanging high fives on a neural level with your peers in the digital matrix going forward and you are set for jobs of the future.

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