How to find a job in the UAE

Follow these 6 steps to give yourself the best chance of securing a dream job in the UAE.

Team getthat
August 3, 2017

The UAE is a great place to work and people from all around the world are constantly looking for jobs in UAE.  Give yourself the the best possible chance of securing that dream role and follow these 6 great tips on finding a job in the UAE:

Link your LinkedIn
It may seem obvious but even if you have more qualifications than Stephen Hawking, if you’re not visible to prospective employers, they’re unlikely to offer you a job in the UAE. Update your LinkedIn and not only will you develop more of an understanding of what skills are currently in demand in the local UAE job market but you will also be able to showcase your experience and skills for any employers who wish to find out more about you. The same principle applies to registering your details on job sites, such as where you can be featured as a jobseeker. In the UAE, LinkedIn is a very popular platform for professionals to network and make connections.

Check out large company websites
If you’re enchanted with the idea of working for Emirates or you fancy crunching numbers at KPMG or Mashreq Bank, why not cut out the middle man and head straight to their company websites. Not only will you be able to track your application’s status but you can also contact their HR departments directly and ask for updates. Some companies also conduct online tests, which may help you get through for an interview if you’re shortlisted.

Network like a pro
Contacts are gold dust if you’re looking to elevate yourself into the spotlight in a competitive market. In fact, one of the most effective ways to differentiate your application from equally qualified candidates is to make a social connection with your prospective employer. Attend networking events within your job sector such as trade fairs, conferences or social occasions. Exchange contact details and if you impress enough to secure a recommendation for a role, you’re already one-step ahead of your competitors.

Keep it on record
Rather than bombarding the market with hundreds of applications, you should keep a record of what jobs you applied for and when you sent the application, along with contact details for the employer. By keeping track of your applications, you’ll have a clearer idea of when to follow up on an application and you’ll have a better chance of remembering the details of a role should a potential employer contact you for an interview.

Get on the phone
Employers are often swamped with digital applications, so regardless of how qualified and experienced you are for a role, you could still find yourself overlooked. Pick up the phone and charm the socks off your HR contact with your professionalism, competence and intelligence. Hopefully, you’ll find that not only are you more memorable (for the right reasons) but you’re also a stronger employment prospect. In such a vibrant, diverse country like the UAE, showcasing strong communication skills is one sure way to help you land a job in the UAE.

Don’t give up and use your time wisely
As the weeks of job hunting drag into months, you would be forgiven for starting to lose heart. It can be frustrating waiting for HR departments to complete their bureaucratic processes. Yet, you should view this time as an opportunity to fulfil other ambitions, such as learning a new language. If you allocate a set amount of time for job searching each day and the rest of your time to improving your skills, not only will you feel better personally but you’ll also come across better in any interview when you’re asked about your hobbies and interests. Read our tips on how to prepare for a job interview so that when the call comes, you’ll be ready!

Good luck in your quest to find a job in the UAE!

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