How to prepare for a job interview

Meeting your prospective employer can be a daunting affair but with the right preparations, you’ll vastly improve your chances of success.

Peter Feely
August 3, 2017

Meeting your prospective employer can be a daunting affair but with the right preparations, you’ll vastly improve your chances of success when looking to get a job in the UAE.

Most of us are vaguely aware of interview etiquette. Rock up late in jeans and a T-shirt and you’re likely to harm your prospects. A surly or short disposition will dent your chances and a shifty demeanour where you’re squirming in your seat and avoiding eye contact at all costs, won’t help. Even if you know the basics though, interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, so preparation is key.

Getting the basics right
Even if you dress appropriately and show up on time, it’s the smaller details that make a difference. Greet your interviewers with plenty of eye contact and a warm smile and ensure you get the handshake right. A limp squeeze or a bone-crushing exertion of dominance will most likely set you off on the wrong foot. Answer questions clearly and coherently and if you’re unsure what you’re being asked about, ask for clarification.

You should also avoid evading answers or out-right lying. If you claim you oversaw a team of 70, with a turnover of millions of dirhams, your interviewees may justifiably wonder why you’re applying for a role as a junior account executive.

Prepare your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats before your interview. Strengths tend to be quite straightforward but weaknesses are often more complicated. If you share the same concept of punctuality as Mariah Carey, you may not wish to mention this. Instead, if you know that one of your weaknesses is nervousness when speaking in front of a large audience, address this honestly. Turn the shortcoming into a positive, by citing an example of when you successfully overcame this fear.

Opportunity and threats are where you should address any issues or red flags, which your interviewees may have about you. If you’ve had nine jobs in the past four years, they will want to know why. Equally, your interview is an opportunity for you to elaborate on strengths that you believe you can bring to their business, such a proven history of generating brand new revenue streams for an organisation.

Pick your questions carefully
If it’s your first interview and you start quizzing your prospective employers about increments and bonuses, it may be premature. You should address these issues after you’ve been offered a role or you’re clear you’ve been shortlisted. Instead, research the company thoroughly online and ask any questions you may have about the exact nature of your role and the company culture. Importantly, it’s key to try to stay positive throughout.

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