How to Spot a Job Scam or Fake Offer

Take a look at the alarming red flags that tell you a job offer is fraudulent.

Cleo Pimentel Capili
August 13, 2018

The UAE attracts millions of international job seekers. The growing economy of this country offers not just international exposure but also competitive compensation; not to mention the tax-free income, which allows expatriates to take home their full pay.

Alarming red flags that tell you a job offer is fraudulent

  • Job seems to have been created especially for you

You have never seen the job posting before, nor have you sent your resume to the said recruiter, but the email says you are the perfect candidate and asks you to fill out a form with your personal details.

  • There is a processing fee and will be reimbursed

Aside from the processing fee, you will also be hinted with a training fee, placement fee or even the medical examination fee. Never, we repeat, never pay anything in advance as a security to get the job. Real companies offering you a job will never ask you to pay anything.

  • The contract is ready

Without further ado, you are immediately asked to agree to an offer and sign the contract right away. You are promised growth opportunities, frequent travels, accommodation and even your own driver and transportation. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

  • Salary is extremely high

The salary offer is double or even triple the amount of pay in your field or industry. You can begin to have doubts here if you haven’t, yet. Any extremely high compensation being offered to you, without even having a one-on-one interview, should alarm you.

  • They have no contact details or the information given does not exist.

After research, the company referred to in the email has no physical address or even a phone number. You may also do due diligence to check the information provided; however, if there is none found online, this should be valid confirmation for you to consider it as a fake job alert.

Tips to avoid being scammed

  • Apply directly to the company’s job opening posts

Visit the company’s official website to check for job openings. You may also check reputed online job portals if you are interested to join their organization. Moreover, if you have previously applied for a job, submitted your resume and got shortlisted for interview, you will get a direct reply from their HR recruitment executive.

  • Do not send your documents to unauthentic agencies or recruiters.

It may seem harmless to send your CV to anyone; however, remember that it contains a lot of your personal information and employment history that may subject you to other scams.

  • Never provide any financial details or pay recruitment fees.

Authentic job offers by a company or official agencies assigned by them will never ask for any recruitment fees as a guarantee to get the position.

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Many large organizations now publish notice in print or online to alert job seekers that their group and/or its group of companies do not promise hiring via email or solicit any payment from candidates at any stage of their recruitment process. They are also informing applicants that all vacancies in their organization can only be found either in the company’s career webpage or are advertised in leading daily newspapers and online job portals like

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