How to switch careers in the UAE!

Fed up with your current job profile and looking forward to a new one? Our 6 tips will help you chart a new course in good time.

Sankar Pillai
March 14, 2021

Mundane, daily tasks that don’t excite or fire one up while on the job can quickly sap professionals eager to make a mark. In such cases, it’s always important to keep alternate careers on tap, just in case you are looking to making a switch. Here are 6 things you need to keep in mind while looking at a new career prospect.

  1. Understand what job satisfaction means to you

Often, people try finding answers to questions they are not clear about themselves and this can hold true in case of a career change as well. Why do you wish to change your career, what is it about your current job that does not satisfy you and leaves you wanting? It’s important that you make notes as you think about this dilemma so the random thoughts align and begin to present the big picture on what facets of a job satisfy and what do not. Armed with this information, you can start looking at other options that you feel could create avenues that would be rewarding in a new job profile.

  1. Is switching industries the right career move?

They say age is just a number but for many, family responsibilities and financial commitments matter when considering switching industries in the quest for a new career and job satisfaction. Be sure therefore that you are absolutely sure an industry switch is the right move after considering your age and how solvent you are financially to bolster any unforeseen setbacks as you move into your new job.

  1. Shortlist the options

Your new career, even if it involves a new industry will require some of the skillsets you fine tuned in your previous profession. Be sure therefore, that the new career you choose allows you to adapt skills acquired from your past profession. Brainstorm potential careers and make a shortlist to research. Taking this preliminary step before diving into thorough research will help you narrow your focus through the next steps in the process.

  1. Action stations!

By now you will have done your due diligence in terms of researching the career options that best fit your requirements while making the job switch. Now, it’s time for action. An action plan involves have clear goals and a step-wise approach on how you choose to achieve the same. From new courses to acquire new skills to certification and networking to align with your new career requirements, it’s all in a day’s work as you establish goals and move towards achieving the same.

  1. Get your network to work for you

Once you have established your career move, refer to the previous point and mobilise your new networking community. Be constantly in touch with professionals you feel have made a difference in the field you have chosen and see if you can use them as referrals to land your next great job opportunity. Be mindful of what industry and position you want to work in as you select contacts to reach out to. You can do this on the phone or via text, or even a referral email or note on social media.

  1. Hands on helps you get a move on

In every other field of work, any bit of hands-on work opportunity brings you a step closer to understanding your job profile of choice better. There is so much theory can do to help support your cause, so never let up on an opportunity to get down and dirty as you test waters in your new career prospect before you land that cushy job.

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