Is your CV the ideal length?

Too short and it may say you don’t care, too long and your CV may be boring.

Sankar Pillai
May 5, 2020

A peek, a glance at your CV may just make you the poster child for your prospective employer, that’s the effect a good, credible resume can have on your career. It’s imperative therefore that your CV checks all the right boxes and that includes how long or short your resume is as well.

Reams and reams of text have been written on the perfect CV, a CV that tells a story, your story, and tells it like it is, with qualifications, experience, talents and testimonials on point. And the international standard for squeezing all this detailed information into is 2 pages, anything more and you stand the risk of losing your employer’s attention.

Those into professions such as medicine may consider running their CVs into three pages, with detailed information provided on qualifications and experience being critical in the business of saving lives.

That said, most professions will prefer the 2-page CV as standard. So how do you go about it then?

First things first, ensure you have all the information you need when starting work on your CV. From there on it’s a constant process of chopping text and holding on to the information you think is absolutely necessary to make your CV shine.

Find out ways and means to be concise about each of the points you mention and chop each of the points you have marked up.

Sections like Objectives that you may have marked up can be chopped down to a single phrase, this communicates your intentions precisely and marks you out as someone who prefers their actions to do all the talking.

Also, go easy on Interests and Activities, your CV is not your passport into the extracurricular zone, so just mention the activities in passing, a line or two will do.

All that work should allow you to whittle down your final CV to two pages, however ensure that the information that is most important on your CV stays on page one as it is the honest truth that most recruiters shy away from going beyond the first page when having to navigate through hundreds of CVs from job seekers. now offers you an amazing opportunity to get your CV as professional as can be with its all-new CV writing service. Get your hands on that perfect CV in no time at all, setting you on the path to a successful career of your choice.

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