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6 reasons why getting your CV professionally penned is critical.

Sankar Pillai
December 23, 2019

When job seekers make a hash job of their CVs, many don’t realise that it could well be the beginning of the end.

Technology may have leapfrogged and with it the workplace and even the very jobs that pay your salary, but some things such as applying for those jobs, haven’t changed. And what’s critical to job applications are CVs, essentially those that are well put together.

Here are 6 reasons why a professionally written CV just works.

1. Format and layout are spot on
A professionally CV writer will ensure your CV meets the demands of your respective industry. As mentioned in an earlier article on, different sectors offer varied styles to format a CV and professional CV writing firms are aware of these styles, and will curate your CV according the style that fits your job description, ensuring your CV is an easy read.

well written CV

2. Effective writing screams good performance
For most white-collar jobs, the ability to write effectively is a sure sign of good communication skills, a must for most jobs these days. And one of the first ways this quickly gets across to employers is through a well written CV. Now, you may or may not essentially be a communications specialist but a good CV will help you get your foot in the door, and offer a chance to make good your options as and when they present themselves.

3. Paying attention to detail
Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are pet peeves for most prospective employers scanning CVs, reflecting poorly on the candidate’s ability to pay attention to detail. A CV handled by a professional CV writer eliminates the risks of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors altogether, making the CV a pleasure to read and acknowledge.

4. Awareness of best hiring practices
Most CV writing firms or professionals are aware of standard hiring practice within individual job verticals, the nitty gritty that you may be ignorant about. It’s good knowledge that will be used to make your CV shine and help it to help you find a good placement.

5. A career change requires professional input
Planning to up your game and take on a whole new profession speaks volumes about grit and showing resolve, but ensure you have the tools to succeed, chief among which is a professionally written CV that meets the requirements your new employers will be looking out for. Also, be aware that you are at a considerable disadvantage when seeking a new profession considering the competition and the experienced players you will be up against. Anything helps in these instances and a professionally written CV should give you half the chance you are looking for.

6. It’s your sales pitch
A brilliant sales pitch can be loud or subtle, soft or pack a punch but the end result is the same, it sells. A professionally written CV, with effective writing, attention to detail and all the other aforementioned points is that brilliant sales pitch with you being the product. So, make the sell work each time, every time.

Consider these tips and hire the services of a professional CV writer if you are planning to brush up your CV or writing a whole new CV altogether.

Besides listing hundreds of jobs, will soon be able to help provide valuable input in putting your CV together and make it shine. Watch this space.

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