How to increase the resale value of your house

When it comes to selling your home, there’s so much to think about from choosing the right agent, to ensuring your home is promoted adequately and also getting as close to your asking price as possible (or even getting more than your asking!).

Team getthat
April 12, 2018

When it comes to selling your home, there’s so much to think about from choosing the right agent, to ensuring your home is promoted adequately and also getting as close to your asking price as possible (or even getting more than your asking!).

There’s a lot of simple, common sense things you can do around your home to maximise its resale value and give prospective buyers added incentive to make an offer you can’t refuse.

So let’s get started, here’s how to increase the resale value of your house, the getthat way:


cleaning equipment

First impressions last. Give your home a solid scrub inside and out by using the services of specialist cleaners who offer deep cleans. It will give your home a new lease on life and give you more clarity to focus on the other aspects that go with selling your home. It will also help you identify any maintenance issues that need to be taken care of. Given the climate in the UAE, pay extra attention to your air conditioning vents because this is one of the most common issues when it comes to home cleanliness and family health. It also pays to maintain your home regularly with a reliable cleaning service that ensures your home is always looking its best and in great shape should you wish to sell later on. And if you’ve got a private pool, make sure this is regularly cleaned and looking crystal clear. Pools are historically huge factors that affect home resale values so don’t overlook it! Find home maintenance providers here.


painting door

We’re usually accustomed to the interior of our homes being one single colour. But consider giving different rooms a fresh new lick of paint. Some colours can add depth or warmth, or even make a room appear larger than it actually is. A fresh paint job also gives your home a whole new perspective and can influence how you decorate it for your current use and also how you’ll decorate it for open homes when the time comes to sell. For what it’s worth, you may find that you actually like the colours in your home and you simply need to give it a fresh new coat of the same colour. Don’t stop at the inside either; the outside of your home is just as important though we’re not sure we’ll be seeing many dark coloured homes in the UAE anytime soon! Find a painter here.


tools for renovations

Do you want more space in a certain area of the house? Does the bathroom feel a little tired? Would you like the kitchen to have more ventilation? Consider making renovations and changes to the home. Although you may have selling in mind, once these changes are made, they will be to your benefit too. A classic renovation project is the humble bathroom. Homeowners have had love/hate relationships with bathroom renovations but they are a very important part of the home and also a place that allows for a lot of creativity beyond simply redoing the tiling and getting fancy mirrors in place. We hear that rain showerheads, heated towel racks and high tech toilets are trending and could be a major plus point when selling your home. We should point out that any home renovation will come at some cost but there are plenty of service providers across the UAE ready to help out and it’s well worth the investment.


chandelier lights

Lighting is everything and can really set the mood. Think about restaurants you’ve been to where the lighting has been dull. It doesn’t help with the mood does it? Similarly, in your home, lighting can make all the difference by making areas seem brighter, more inviting and more positive to the mood. If you’ve got a large or tall entrance, consider a chandelier. Opt for a few smaller lights instead of one large one. What about LED lights instead of traditional light bulbs? Would a lamp shade in the corner of a room work better than ceiling lights? The options are plentiful and in a place like the UAE with its shimmering skylines, you’ll be hard pressed to find lighting that doesn’t tickle your fancy. It’s also a great time to opt for more energy efficient lighting and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Who doesn’t want to spend less on their electricity bill?



When you actually get down to selling your home, visuals are everything. Your mobile phone may have a state of the art camera but it’s not good enough when selling your home. Ask your agent to use a professional home photographer to take great quality photos of your home and make sure you review the photos before they get placed in the ad online. People need to be drawn in by these photos and everything from lighting, to the right angles and shooting the photos at the right time of day makes all the difference.

Find a service provider to help you with everything from home maintenance to pool cleaning to painting, moving, renovating and everything in between, right here on where everything is within easy reach!
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