6 Signs that you need a professional CV service

  • You are looking to enter a job market in a new country
  • You need help in selling yourself
  • Your applications haven’t got the views or calls you were expecting
  • You are considering a career change
  • You are returning to work after a long gap
  • You are not familiar with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our team of professional writers create CVs that fight the ATS, get you noticed & increase your chances of an interview.

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Hear how our CV writing services can help you as a senior professional, looking to switch your job

How our services can help you

75% of applications don’t get through the Applicant Tracking system

75% of applications don’t get through the Applicant Tracking system

Which means if your CV is not ATS optimized your CV goes into a virtual bin which no human looks at

We have writers who know exactly how this system works and create each CV with the right structure and words to pass the ATS

On an average a recruiter spends 5 to 10 seconds on scanning a resume.

On an average a recruiter spends 5 to 10 seconds on scanning a resume.

Which means if your CV is not tailored to the specific job, it’s difficult to make it past the scan

Our Personalized 1-on-1 Approach ensures you work 1 on 1 with our writers to create a professional resume that shows the best version of you

Finding a job in the UAE could take anywhere from a month to several months.

Finding a job in the UAE could take anywhere from a month to several months.

Which means the faster you get professional help and tailor your CV, the quicker you land a job.

Our insights on working with employers and jobseekers in diverse industries are shared with you to get you noticed quicker

Get your professional CV now! Limited time offer: 15% off on all CV packages

How do I get my professional CV

Flow desktop Flow desktop

*Please note the communication with the writer is only through email and chat

Just out of college or in the first 3 years of your career?
Insufficient experience often leaves you wondering if your CV is impactful enough?
Our professional writers have worked with freshers across disciplines and industries in the region.They know exactly how to make your CV, Cover letter or Linked profiles noticeable, bringing you the attention you need.
Looking to showcase your skills in a better way or move up the career ladder? It could be confusing at this stage about what skills you need to highlight and which ones to take out. But the right balance of structure, grammar, presentation and skills could make all the difference between getting noticed or going into oblivion. Our professional writers work closely with employers and jobseekers and understand the best way to showcase both skills and industry specific expertise in the form of a professional profile.
Looking to land a top job in one of the multinational companies you adore? Competition is very stiff on application to jobs with medium to large companies. Our senior writers understand just how to draft an impactful CV that will reflect your skills, personality, years of experience and your strengths and make you stand out.
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Frequently Asked

  • How do I get a FREE CV evaluation?

    To try our FREE CV evaluation you will need to login or register to getthat.com

    Upload your resume in pdf or word format with a file size less than 5 MB and fill in your profile details. Go to the CV evaluation page and submit your CV for evaluation.

    You will receive detailed feedback on your CV within 3 business days on your email id and your My CV services page on your account.

    You can view the evaluation on your email or your My CV services page on your account.

  • How often can i get a FREE CV evaluation?
    Currently you can benefit from our FREE CV evaluation only once per account.
  • How do I change my CV and Cover Letter for a particular job?

    To change your CV or cover letter you can login to getthat.com, go to your PROFILE page and click on Upload CV or Upload Cover Letter to update the latest versions of your CV or Cover letter.

    When applying for job, it will always pull the last updated version of your CV or cover letter.

    Alternatively you can also update your CV or Cover Letter on the application page itself just before applying to a job.

  • How do I decide which package or product suits me best?

    We believe that your CV and cover letter should not just reflect your personality or attitude but your skills and expertise areas as well.

    We have specific services for each stage of your career.

    Select the number of years / stage of your career to review the services under each stage.

    Then select what you need help with – is it just a CV or a cover letter or all of it.

    This should help you decide which service would make sense for you.

    Once you’ve done that, review the samples on the product that you are interested in and the number of revisions.

    Still unsure or have questions. Feel free to write to us support@getthat.com or call 600 587234

  • Why should I pay to get my CV written for me?
    It takes an employer 8-10 seconds, to decide if your resume will be shortlisted for a specific position or not. Add to this the fact that on average, a single corporate job opening receives approximately 300 resumes. The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, and your resume has to stand out and be tailored specifically to the industry and position you are applying for. Having it written by a professional who is familiar with what recruiters are looking for, how to key-word optimize your resume and which format will help beat Applicant Tracking System will significantly increase your chances to land that dream job.
  • Can I see samples of your work before I order?

    Of course, we would love you to see the samples to understand what you will be receiving. To view samples for each product visit the CV writing services page and click on the hyperlinks on each product that you wish to purchase.

    Please note that the layout of the product/package you purchase could be different from what is shown in the sample. We constantly test new designs and recommend best performing layouts. The content will be customized based on the user’s and writer’s inputs.

  • What is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)?
    ATS is an AI-based software that many companies now use to streamline their HR and Recruitment operations. Average corporate position receives around 300 resumes. Companies simply don't have recruiters’ resources to spend time reviewing each application manually. That's where ATS comes into play. It analyzes your application and matches it to the keywords used in your chosen industry or profession. Sometimes even seemingly well-written resumes might not pass the initial check. Many of our writers have been working with ATS software before and will optimize your CV/resume to pass it and bring your resume to the attention of the hiring manager.
  • How do revisions work?

    'Revisions' stands for the iterations of the same product - CV or Cover letter or the package you purchased, and is different from customizing your resume to a different industry/niche.

    We offer 2, 3 and 5 revisions on entry, mid-level and senior levels for all services.

    However if you are satisfied with the first draft of your product, you probably don't need to use your revisions. Revisions cannot be carried forward. Once your order is closed your revisions expire as well.

    If you are not happy with the draft of your CV and you have more revisions left, you can request that with your writer and mention all the details of the changes via the message board on your My CV services page.

  • Can I buy more than 1 product or package?
    Yes you can. However you cannot purchase multiple products at one time.
  • How does the ordering process work?
    It’s really simple. You choose your career level, and the package which suits your needs the most and proceed to payment. We will then match your order requirements with our database of professional resume writers based on your industry, targeted country, and seniority level. Once a writer is assigned, he or she will reach out to you via email and on your CV services page. You can then share details with the writer through the message board and receive a fully customized product based on your needs.
  • How do I communicate with my writer?
    You can always contact your writer via our messaging board on the My CV services page on getthat.com. Once the writer is assigned to your order, they will introduce themselves to you via email. You will then be able to discuss all the details of your order with your assigned writer directly. Additionally, if you have any questions, you could go through our FAQs or may contact our support representatives at any time via support@getthat.com
  • How long will it take to write my CV?

    The writer will provide you with the first draft within 6 business days from the date of purchase. The draft comes as already formatted resume where the writer will mark up missing information and data that needs further clarification. Taking into account any comments you may have, the writer would take another 2-3 days for another revision. On average, it takes our writers 9 business days to complete one entry level order. Orders which require more revisions could take between 12 to 15 business days depending on the number of revisions.

    However whenever you order express delivery, your order gets completed in 3 business days.

  • How does my order get closed?

    When you accept the attachment / draft of the product and package you purchase ( CV or cover letter or a package) and inform your writer on the message board that you accept this and are happy with it, a ‘I’m satisfied with this order’ button will appear on the message board. Clicking on the button will let us know that you are satisfied with the quality of service on this order and will close the order.

    In case you don't close your order by 30 days post purchase, the order will be automatically closed.

  • What is express delivery? How will it help me?
    Express delivery helps us prioritize your order with our writers so that we can complete your order within 3 business days. To be able to help you with this, we charge you AED 143.
  • I purchased a CV but realized the CV on my profile was not updated. How can I share my latest CV with the writer?

    That can be easily handled. You can always communicate with your writer through your message board on your My CV services page. On your reply panel, you can upload your latest CV and share it with the writer.

    However we recommend you always update the CV on your profile with the correct file before you place your order.

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